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DuraTech’s IME: Dependability Through 4 Quality Tests

“Just how robust is your IME process?” We hear this question with increasing frequency. It’s a valid query. In-mold electronics (IME) technology is growing rapidly due to the attributes it offers engineers in designing 3D, smooth, decorative and easily cleaned surfaces with integrated capacitive touch, lighting, haptic feedback and antennas. IME also offers advantages [...]

Enhance Your Home with Capacitive Touch Technology

What is capacitive touch? Capacitive touch, commonly known as cap touch, is a feature of in-mold structural electronics (IMSE) that is used in touchscreens and other touch-sensitive surfaces. At its core, capacitive touch relies on the electrical properties of the human body to detect and respond to a user's touch. This technology is gaining [...]

What You Need to Make Your Smart Products Attract Attention

In the ever-evolving environment of technology and innovation, those in the functional electronics industry are confronted with the need to not only keep pace but to stand out among competition. As we dive into the world of in-mold structural electronics (IMSE), also referred to as in-mold electronics (IME), it is clear that improving the [...]

Printed Heaters: Innovative Heating Solutions

Printed heaters, born from Printed Electronics (PE), represent a revolutionary solution to age-old heating challenges. They offer durability, customization and space-savings, addressing the challenges experienced in traditional heating methods. This innovation is transforming heating solutions across various industries, promising a future where flexibility and efficiency join to meet the world's heating needs. What are [...]

DuraTech is Helping to Shape the New Frontier in Flexible Electronics

Interest and demand for flexible electronics continues to skyrocket among industries and consumers alike. From stretchable electronics for medical sensors to consumer electronic wearables and heated apparel, the flexible electronics market is expected to surpass $61 billion by 2030, according to some reports. While the technology exists to produce products like heated garments, significant [...]