DuraTech Industries® understands it can be challenging to decide on the right user interface, or membrane switch to control your electronic device.  We provide on-site assistance with engineering the correct membrane switch, or keypad construction for your application. Our custom built keypads include:

  • Flex Copper or Silver Etched

  • Silicone Rubber

  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

  • DuraSwitch

Applied in industries such as, medical, home appliance, aerospace, defense, industrial and retail, your membrane switches can be manufactured in both of our ISO Certified facilities located in the USA and China.

Impress your customers by adding a graphic overlay or decorative applique to your human user interface.   We can manufacture the membrane switch and graphic overlay combination, making your product user ready.  Allow your membrane switches to withstand repetitive use and exposure to cleaning chemicals by adding a hard- coated anti-microbial film that incorporates Microban®.

Membrane Switch Advantages

  • Long Life

  • Tooling costs are significantly lower.

  • Significantly reduces assembly time.

  • The Multi-Layered Construction seals the device from harsh environments providing moisture and soil resistance.

  • The Flat Design makes it easy to clean and sanitize. DuraTech can produce the overlay on an anti-microbial material.

  • Graphic Overlays or decorative appliques can be integrated into the membrane switch.

  • Provides a modernized look.

  • Tactile and Non-Tactile Options can be added, as well as Audio, Embossing, Backlighting, Back Panels and ESD/EMI Shielding.

Let our unmatched technical and design capabilities work for you.

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