The people of DuraTech share a common culture where a passionate focus on addressing customer needs has produced long-term, enduring customer relationships. Using real-time feedback from customers, DuraTech Industries® continues to develop new offerings and capabilities that are aimed at improving the DuraTech experience.

Responsive support

In addition to traditional support, DuraTech Industries® offers customers value-added services such as supplier managed inventory, warehousing options, on-site design engineering support, and extended services geared towards improving business activity.

We’ve built an infrastructure designed to offer customers unsurpassed flexibility. At all levels of the organization, our team nimbly provides uncompromising, professional assistance in getting your call to the right person to expediting a shipment.

Reliable Service

DuraTech is strategically positioned to provide consistent, reliable service from all facilities. Our long-term customer relationships around the world are testament to the dedication of the DuraTech team.

To substantiate repeatable performance, DuraTech holds these certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified

  • UL/CSA approved constructions

Global Reach

DuraTech has two manufacturing sites led by talented and dedicated experts. And with 12 support offices and local warehousing options, DuraTech can serve their customers closest to where they do business.

This approach has successfully built DuraTech Industries® into a well-known, internationally respected brand and we serve an expanding global customer base crossing the Americas, Europe and Asia.