DuraTech Industries® has over 40 years experience providing decorative and functional identification products to OEMs worldwide. We serve OEM’s in the automotive, computer, electronics, industrial, and medical markets. Our diverse portfolio of products and services permits us to offer complementary components in custom packages.

DuraTech Industries® has developed many products and services in response to the requirements and requests of our customers. Some of the services and products DuraTech provides include In-Mold Decorated (IMD) products, In-Mold Electronics (IME), membrane switches, metal nameplates, domed products and labels.

Our legacy of operational excellence attests that DuraTech Industries® possesses the people, processes, and systems to provide world-class service and support to diverse and demanding customers.

Decorative Trim

Decorative Trim



Ecodome Badges

EcoDome Badges

Etch and Fill Nameplates

Etch & Fill Nampleates

Gauges and Dials

Gauges & Dials

Insulators Gaskets Spacers

Insulators, Gaskets & Spacers

Membrane Switches

Membrane Switches


Nameplates and Labels

Nameplates & Labels

Overlays and Panels

Overlays & Panels

Touch Screens

Touch Screens

Flexographic Printing

WEEE Labels