Silicone Rubber Keypad Design Options

  • Different durometers on one keypad

  • Top coating such as epoxy (clear gloss), PU or Silicone coating to aid in wear, are available

  • Tactile design or linear design

  • Multiple color options on one keypad

  • Screen printed text and logos. We can work with customers who require multiple version of different printed logos

  • Laser etching for backlit purposes

  • Carbon contacts can be molded as a solid round shape or printed as a “O” ring shape

  • Silicone rubber can be translucent to act as a diffuser

  • Silicone rubber can be designed as a gasketed rubber to wrap around a rigid PCB for minimizing water ingress

  • Light pipe through keypads

  • P +R (Plastic keycaps with rubber keycap)

  • Low cost NRE and tooling

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