We are proud to offer die cutting services to convert engineered materials to the exact size and shape you need. We often die cut components that are used in conjunction with our printing and other manufacturing services to create turnkey solutions for multi-layered stack-ups and complex parts. Our custom die cut components provide greater manufacturing efficiency, streamline assembly and allow us to be your complete provider of printing and converting services for complex manufacturing projects.

Types of die cutting

We offer several different types of die cutting so we can match the ideal process to your dimensional specifications and material requirements.

Clamshell press

Ideal for high volume orders, our clamshell press easily cuts a wide ranges of materials to exact specifications. We use tight tolerance controls and strict quality assurance processes to ensure precision in every production run.

Knife-drawn plotter cutter

Better suited for smaller order volumes, we often use our knife-drawn plotter cutter for larger-format projects. We can cut materials in both roll and sheet format using our plotter cutter equipment.

Digital cutting

When precision is of the highest importance, digital cutting can be the answer. This process uses a computer-guided tool to achieve extremely precise cuts with clean edges. We use equipment produced by Zund, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of digital cutting equipment.

Laser cutting

In addition to traditional tooling, we also offer laser cutting services in which a laser is used to slice through materials that aren’t well-suited for die cutting. Laser cutting is extremely precise and can be used to support high-speed, high-volume production.

Materials we die cut

We work with a wide range of materials to help our customers solve nearly any challenge. Browse our available materials below, and if you have a specific material in mind, contact us. We will review your requirements and how we can best assist you.

  • Polyimide
  • Vinyl matting
  • Thermal materials
  • Cork
  • Felt
  • Butyl
  • EFR
  • Fish paper
  • FR65
  • FR700
  • FR25A
  • Lexan – FR60
  • PBT – Valox
  • Polyetherimide thermoplastic – Ultem Polyester
  • Valox FR1

Value-added services and capabilities

Custom die cut components can add value to almost any industrial manufacturing application. We want to enhance that value even further by offering complimentary services that increase manufacturing speed and efficiency. Explore some of our other value-added services and capabilities to see how we can become your go-to printer and material converter for complex manufacturing projects.

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