Near Field Communication tags

The NFC (near field communication) tag is made up of an antenna and a small passive IC chip usually on a PET substrate with an adhesive backing; no power source required. Tags have a lifespan of 10 plus years.

Tags come in different capacities up to 1000 bytes. The tags are one-time programmable or rewriteable with the ability to lock.

The tag is activated when you hold your smartphone in close proximity – about ¾”.

What information or actions can a tag transfer?
  • Up to 1000 alpha numeric characters

  • Open a website (URL)

  • Transfer a business card

  • Create a new E-mail

  • Launch an application

  • Send a text

  • Dial a telephone number

  • Create a Bluetooth connection

  • Create a WiFi connection

  • Load a geo location

Compatible smartphones:
  • IPhone XR, XS, XS max and newer

  • Phone 6 through iPhone X, but require an app

  • Most Android smartphones

Advantages over QR codes:
  • QR codes are optical and need you to open an app to use.

  • If a QR code is scratched or dirty it is difficult to read.

  • NFC tags are available in various sizes, shapes and memory.

DuraTech’s value proposition:
  • DuraTech Industries® can print overlays and apply correct adhesive for the required installation.

  • Low to high volume tag programing including logical variable data

  • Sophisticated high speed tag validation

  • Sequential tag programming and validation (Match the printed information with the programmed information).

Check out the uses and advantages of NFC Tags on YouTube.