DuraTech Industries® custom manufactures functional graphic overlays. Whether they are used to decorate, inform, or add function, graphic overlays, can be placed on applications such as, industrial machinery, electronic systems, medical equipment, appliances, automobile dashboards, and telecommunication devices. Often used as the critical layer to a user-interface, an overlay is the first thing a user sees when interacting with a product.

An overlay consists of a base material that is second surface printed. With the right material, overlays can be very durable and resistant to abrasion, UV exposure and cleaning solvents. The vast majority of overlays are made with either polycarbonate, for its flexibility, or polyester, for its superior life expectancy. Vinyl or UV resistant laminations could also be used to extend applications used in the outdoors. Our experts can assist you in deciding which material would work best for your application, and ensure they meet any UL or CSA requirements.

Our technologies allow us to provide the most effective elements for your graphic overlays, including:

  • Selective textures

  • Thicknesses, sizes and shapes

  • Selective adhesives

  • Embossing

  • Transparent windows and cut outs

  • Four-color process printing

  • Dead-front graphics and windows

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