Our custom graphic overlay manufacturing services help customers across industries create high-quality overlays that are durable enough to withstand challenging conditions.

Often used as the critical layer to a user-interface, an overlay is typically the first thing a user sees when interacting with a product. So, it’s vital these components are easy to use and made with quality materials to achieve long-lasting performance.

There are many finishing techniques and material options that design engineers can use for touchscreen interfaces, control panels, UV resistance, anti-glare, human machine interfaces (HMI) or to satisfy other application needs. We’ve created custom graphic overlays for a wide variety of industries including appliances, medical devices, consumer electronics and many others. DuraTech can create overlays that are designed as standalone labels or as part of a membrane switch assembly using a variety of adhesive solutions.

By using the latest technology and our deep experience to achieve optimal form and function, we provide custom graphic overlay manufacturing to meet nearly any need.

Our custom graphic overlay manufacturing capabilities

Our cutting-edge technologies allow us to provide the most important features and finishes for your custom graphic overlays, including:

  • Selective textures – We can create graphic overlays with glossy, matte and other selective textures, giving manufacturers more opportunities to customize the look and feel of the finished product. We can match textures where possible and even feature multiple textures on the same graphic overlay, if required.
  • Custom thicknesses, sizes and shapes – We can die-cut graphic overlays to create nearly any size or shape for unique applications. We can also use our materials science expertise to help manufacturers choose materials with the right thickness to minimize costs while achieving desired product performance.
  • Embossing – Make images stand out with pad embossing, rail embossing and other embossing techniques that add function to graphic overlays. We can also emboss braille to improve accessibility for consumer-facing applications.
  • Transparent windows and cut outs – We can produce dead front and backlit overlays with windows and cut outs of nearly any size or shape. Windows and cut outs can be clear, have varying degrees of dead front or feature transparent colors for more dynamic functionality.
  • Four-color process printing – We use digital and screen-printing techniques to add a wide range of colors to graphic overlays, creating higher definition graphics and patterns.
  • Dead front graphics and windows – Create dead front graphics that only appear when backlit for a clean look and better user experience.
  • Selective adhesives – We can create a full coverage adhesive on the back of a graphic overlay or use selective adhesives to work around windows and cut outs. As a preferred 3M converter, DuraTech was a beta tester for a new 3M screenable adhesive and we continue to explore new ways we can use adhesives to improve the performance of graphic overlays.

Graphic overlay prototypes

Speed product development with custom graphic overlay prototypes that can seamlessly be converted over to production. Our prototypes are created in a production-like setting and are true finished parts with the same or equivalent construction as traditionally manufactured products. We can work with your engineers to develop a custom graphic overlay that will satisfy all technical requirements and provide significant business benefits by reducing the speed and cost to get products into market.

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