We create custom durable labels that add functionality and decoration to applications across nearly all industries.

With flexographic, screen printing and digital printing capabilities, we can match a wide range of colors and use our die cutting and converting capabilities to customize labels to exact specifications with tight tolerances. We work with a variety of label materials, including various plastics, vinyl, polycarbonate and polyester materials to create labels that will stand up to harsh conditions. With a range of finishing capabilities, we can create an overall texture or a selective texture over part of the label. We can also laminate matte or clear films over the top of labels for improved UV and scratch resistance.

Whatever the materials, features or finishes you need, DuraTech is ready to deliver high-quality, durable labels that meet requirements and exceed expectations.

Types of labels we offer

We’ve worked with partners in nearly every industry to create many types of durable labels, including:

  • Warning labels
  • Electrical panel labels
  • Caution labels
  • Shipping and box labels
  • Chemical warning labels
  • Electrical warning labels
  • Bags and hang tags
  • Pressure-sensitive labels
  • Roll labels
  • Glue-applied labels
  • In-mold labels
  • Thermal transfer labels (TT labels)
  • Laser printable labels
  • Consecutive numbered and bar code labels
  • Pin-fed and sheeted labels
  • Office supplied labels
  • And more!

Label features and finishes

We offer a range of label features and finishes to help you achieve the look, feel and user experience you want for your products. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Gloss & matte UV coatings
  • Thermal transfer coatings
  • UV inks for durable outdoor applications
  • Embossing for raised images
  • Barcodes
  • Serialization
  • Folding and fan folding
  • Punching and drilling
  • Eyelet and button
  • Water-based inks
  • 4-color printing process

Let our unmatched technical and design capabilities work for you.

 UL and CSA approved constructions

We work with many OEMs who require most or all of their label components to be UL or CSA approved. Medical, electronics and automotive brands in particular often require certification of a specific label construction. If you require a particular construction for your application, we can either suggest an in-stock label that offers the same characteristics, or we can create a custom construction and get it certified on your behalf to streamline the production process. In short, we have the materials expertise and processing capabilities to ensure all of your labels meet UL or CSA requirements.

Domed labels

To make your durable labels truly stand out, we offer domed labels that have a high-end, 3D look and feel.

Doming is a process in which we apply a clear resin polyurethane lens on top of the label substrate to create a transparent cover that not only protects the label, but also makes it more attractive. This process adds an appearance of depth and clarity to the image, giving it a distinctive, eye-catching appearance. Domed labels are also known as 3D stickers, domed badges, 3D resin badges and epoxy stickers.

Our doming materials conform to a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are approved for automotive use and outdoor conditions. That means they stand up to UV exposure and won’t yellow or fade over time.

The doming process is compatible with screen printing, digital printing and flexographic printing. It adheres well to ABS, PVC, styrene, polycarbonate, polyester, aluminum (primed) and steel.

Nearly endless color options

From simple primary colors to truly unique brand colors, we offer nearly endless options for adding color to your custom durable labels. We offer digital printing and screen printing to match our process to your needs.

Our digital printing services utilize a four-color process, which provides a wide range of options, but can’t achieve 100% of colors in the world. However, we also provide flexographic printing services in which we can do full PMS color matching and essentially recreate any color you can think of to create the exact look and feel you want.

Save money with label sets and kits

If you need multiple labels for the same piece of equipment or similar application, we can offer cost savings by combining like parts (same materials and adhesives) together and printing them in the same run on a common sheet, instead of individually. Printing labels as sets or kits saves on tooling costs, lowers the unit price per label, and you only have to order one SKU for a simpler purchasing process.

Label Set: A group of labels produced on the same material and generally used on the same piece of equipment. Sets are typically supplied on a sheet and shipped under one set part number.

Label Kit: A group of parts and/or sets, not necessarily printed on the same material, but produced together. Kits are typically packaged together and shipped under one kit part number.

Send us your artwork!

Creating a custom durable label is as easy as sending us your logo or rough draft artwork. Simply send us the image(s) you want incorporated in your label and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll review your art file and make any necessary modifications to accommodate bleeds and registration marks. This ensures colors won’t bleed into one another so you get beautiful, durable labels in every run. We also offer design consultation to create custom artwork for labels where final imagery has not been defined.

Let our unmatched technical and design capabilities work for you.