At DuraTech, we view our Team Members as our greatest asset. We recognize that our success is due to the talent and innovative thinking of our Team Members. And, we make a point to empower our Team Members and give them every opportunity to offer suggestions. In the Printed Electronics Department, two Assemblers, Beth and Donna, have demonstrated how their creativity and problem-solving skills have propelled us above our competitors.

Creative thinking sprouts thoughts of process improvement

Beth and Donna realized that their current assembling process could be improved to increase their output. They were assembling a part using batch production, but they believed that their process could be sped up.

“Everything we do in here is so precise and time consuming. And it’s very exact and very intricate.” Beth explains. As assemblers, Beth and Donna piece together various printed electronics parts, which can be an extensive process. They went to their Team Leader, Nick, with their idea to make process improvements. Nick, impressed with their initiative, supported their proposal and implemented the changes.

The improvement that Beth and Donna proposed is derived from LEAN manufacturing. They decided to switch up their assembling process by dividing the task into two parts. Beth would assemble the first three steps of the part and then hand it off to Donna to finish the last three steps. This change more than doubled their output, resulting in a significant increase in productivity.

Encouraging innovation is key

The success of Beth and Donna’s idea demonstrates the importance of having a collaborative work environment. By encouraging open communication and listening to the ideas of Team Members, we can continue to lead in our industry. DuraTech also recognizes the value of LEAN manufacturing in improving productivity and efficiency. By encouraging and implementing these practices, we can continue to grow and thrive.

Nick explains the benefits of this practice in his own department, “It’s kind of funny because the more we do this, the more people see it done and the easier it is to see other instances where we can do that.”

DuraTech’s Printed Electronics Department serves as an excellent example of how teamwork and LEAN manufacturing can improve productivity and set a company apart from its competitors. Beth and Donna’s initiative and innovation highlight the importance of listening to and supporting Team Members’ ideas. DuraTech’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement is a testament to our success as a leader in the industry.

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