Do you feel happy, productive and valued at work? Does the level of your company’s culture have anything to do with how you feel? Company culture plays a huge role in your overall happiness at work, so if you’re finding that you’re not thriving it might be time to reevaluate your employer’s culture and how it affects you.

Studies show you’re happier when your employer values rich company culture and provides you with the things you need from a job. Things like purpose, development and motivating feedback can go a long way when they come from an employer. We’ll explain what company culture is and how beneficial a robust culture is for you and your success.

So, what is company culture?

We hear about company culture all the time, but what is it? According to Great Place To Work, company culture can be defined as “how you do what you do in the workplace. It’s the sum of your formal and informal systems and behaviors and values, all of which create an experience for your employees and customers.” Company culture is different from business to business, but the core of it is meant to bring employees together. Your company’s culture can be the subtle things, like the complimentary treats in the break room, or the positive energy from your colleagues. It’s also the big things, like social events or recognition of your achievements.

Why should you care about company culture?

The average person spends much of their life working, so wouldn’t it make sense to work in a positive and welcoming environment with people you enjoy being around? Working for an employer that fosters a culture based on respect, strong relationships and a joyful atmosphere helps employees flourish.

Programs like employee recognition can have an impressive impact on your well-being and can even prevent burnout. According to SHRM, “More than 70% of employees who have good recognition experiences at work rate their lives more positively overall and are more likely to be “thriving” in their everyday lives compared to those who are not being fully recognized.”

Rich company culture is highly desired by employees. In fact, according to a survey conducted by The Harris Poll, 77% of adults consider a company’s culture before seeking a job and another 56% deem culture to be more significant than salary. Another study shows that employees think the most important factors contributing to job satisfaction are “being treated with respect, feeling valued by their leadership, and feeling that the work environment was social and supportive.”

Forbes quote
Gauging company culture

Often, you can feel out a company’s commitment to culture through their website and social media accounts. At DuraTech, we have a page on our website along with a blog post explaining our culture and how our Team Members feel about it. It isn’t always that obvious, though, and this article from Glassdoor can help you determine your current and future company’s culture, and even help you discover what you value most!

Company culture is crucial at DuraTech Industries

At DuraTech, we don’t just advertise our mission and values. We live them:

“To provide a challenging work environment where our people are given the training and education to enable them to reach their highest potential and where they are involved and empowered to make a difference… We respect and celebrate our people’s diversity and recognize difference as a source of creativity. We value loyalty, resourcefulness, creativity, hard work and pride in workmanship. We dedicate ourselves to provide a safe and fun work environment. One that promotes a healthy lifestyle, open communication, teamwork, learning and community involvement. We value success.”

And this is why Team Members enjoy a rich company culture at DuraTech. Annual social events like DuraFest, Pancake Breakfast and the Souper Bowl Lunch are exciting ways for Team Members to spend time together while playing games, eating food, and taking their chance at earning extra PTO. DuraTech also encourages Team Members to give back to their community by hosting events like Adopt a Family and food drives.

Our Team Members receive anniversary gifts every five years, birthday gifts and a turkey/ham giveaway for Thanksgiving. Plants are sent for funerals and baby gifts are sent when Team Members have a new baby. In addition, each department is given a budget each year to use on recognizing Team Members. Team Leaders have the ability to reward Team Members with gift cards or extra PTO when they go above and beyond.

Our culture contributes to our retention, too. As of 2022, Team Members stay with DuraTech for an average of 10.75 years and our culture is frequently named the reason for that. We also implement an employee suggestion program – our Bright Ideas Program – to encourage improvements where our Team Members see they’re needed.

Team Members are open about how DuraTech’s culture affects them

When Team Members talk about why they stay with DuraTech, the answer is always the culture created at the company:

  • Kurt, Team Leader at DuraTech Industries "One of the positives about our culture that I observe here is the connection upper leadership has with our customer base. Peter and Dan are very informed of the parts we produce and have a lot of knowledge about the customers we service. This direct connection to our process and products we produce make for very productive production meetings and helps with decision making when an issue arises. From my perspective as a Team Leader this helps them understand what we do and can show appreciation for the knowledge and experience we have."
  • Sara, HR Generalist at DuraTech Industries "Our culture here is so unique. In my previous work experience, things have always been black/white, no shades of gray. It was always about profits for the company. Coming to DuraTech it was so refreshing. Our Senior Leadership realizes that our team is our greatest asset. In making decisions, when possible, they take into consideration how it is going to impact the team—I have seen this time and again. Being profitable is important, but it isn’t the only thing. To attract and retain top talent, we need to make good decisions for our team. I like that we are a team. We have voices and opinions and our team leaders will listen. They may not always agree or be able to support our ideas, but they make you feel heard and appreciated. I also like the traditions—DuraFest, Pancake breakfast, Cinco de Mayo. These are events that have been going on for quite some time, events that many of our team members look forward to. We are a very social company that likes to eat!"
  • Jordan, Assistant Team Leader at DuraTech Industries "The thing about the Culture here at DT is the claims that are backed up with action. 'DT is family friendly' was backed up by an immense amount of understanding when my son (3 months old at the time) and I both got COVID-19 shortly after I started my job here. I'm happy to have found a company who claims to care, and then proves it when it truly matters."
  • Justin, Vice President at DuraTech Industries "The culture that DuraTech has grown over the years is what makes DuraTech such a special company. Its values and character came, and continues to come, from those who work there each day. I feel it’s important because in order to have the culture that we do, it had to come from every person in the organization from the bottom to the top. Discussing what our culture should be, how we would raise it, etc. all came from the team members. Nurturing those values over time has led us to accomplish some pretty amazing things. Without that culture I feel it would be a challenge to stand out against others in this competitive job market. Our #1 resource for finding new team members the last few years has been referrals from our current team. That is invaluable! Another benefit that ties into this is with our culture, the team is more likely to stay with us if they believe and are aligned to the collective outcome. There are stats to back this up but companies who focus on their culture see up to 40% higher retention rates than those who don’t. As I mentioned earlier the building of this culture took time. It also must be focused on as we continue to grow and expand DuraTech. We need to continue involving all team members by communicating and discussing expectations and establishing processes."
What this means for you

We understand that your career is about you, your growth and your happiness, and our culture at DuraTech is built to support that. It’s important that our Team Members feel happy and productive at work, so empowering them and providing a rich company culture is our priority.

So if our culture speaks to you, visit our Career Opportunities page. Or better yet- call and ask if you can tour our facility.