Quick Bonding Adhesive 360 from 3M™

Whether you need to bond a lens, attach decorative trim, or add a nameplate to a textured surface, you need an adhesive that ensures both quick sticking power and long-term strength.

For improved results, DuraTech uses Quick Bonding Adhesive 360 from 3M™ in many of its adhesive‐backed printed graphic overlay constructions.

DuraTech asked 3M to test the 360 adhesive against others on four materials: smooth steel and three polyethylene (PE) substrates of varying textures. Its  2-mil product surpassed performance on all the substrates except the most  textured (medium ‐ textured) PE, where the 5 ‐ mil version of the 360 adhesive worked best. Cleaning preparation didn’t significantly affect adhesion values.

This quick‐stick acrylic adhesive (on transfer tapes and double‐coated tapes) provides higher shear and peel strengths than other industrial adhesives, especially with difficult substrates such as foam, metals, low‐surface‐energy (LSE) plastics (polypropylene, powder‐coated paints), and high‐surface‐energy (HSE) plastics (polycarbonate, polyvinyl chloride). Peel strengths alone are 18% or more greater than other thicker tapes.

Because you benefit from high adhesion with a thin tape (2‐to 5‐mil depending on which product DuraTech recommends), the weight is reduced and you use   less adhesive. That thinness saves money in cleanup time, too, because projects suffer from little to no oozing.

This thinness improves DuraTech’s productivity by avoiding costly and typical converter problems, such as the adhesive “picking” during unwind or the   adhesive sticking to or leaving residue on the cutting blades, back of the liner, or the die‐cut part.

The 360 adhesive also meets industrial needs for low odor and resistance to water, ultraviolet light, and chemicals such as oils, mild acids, and alkalis. In   addition, it resists high temperatures: 200ºF in the long term (after days, weeks) and 350º F in the short term (minutes, hours).

Whether you need to attach a label or die cut parts, trust that DuraTech’s experts will guide your project start to finish with a design using the best adhesive   product. DuraTech is a preferred converter for 3M’s 360 and other adhesive families. Get a quote today.

—Source: 3M website product information