Rigid Membrane Switch & Flexible Membrane Switch

switch graphic overlay

DuraTech manufactures membrane switches that are thin, compact, and resistant to moisture and dirt. ISO 9001 certified, DuraTech manufactures both the graphic overlay and membrane switch combination to have your production run ready product.

Membrane switch features:

  • ESD, RFI / EMI shielding
  • Electronic components
  • LEDs
  • Tactile feedback
  • Audio feedback
  • Filters
  • Display windows
  • Backlighting
  • Various displays
  • Various switch connectors


Membrane switch design can resist bacteria, harsh chemicals and moisture. As a membrane switch manufacturer, we custom add various coatings such as an anti-microbial used in medical instrumentation and laboratory equipment especially where applications are dependent on total integration and reliability.

Custom membrane switches for industrial equipment, electronic testing and telecommunications may include ESD, RFI / EMI shielding. While membrane switches covering electronic components in fitness equipment is a necessity.

Whatever your membrane switch needs, DuraTech is ISO 9001 certified to manufacture a membrane switch to fit your needs.

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