DuraTech provides an effective way to make your logos, product names and other branding materials to stand out with its domed label services. Domed labels, also called domed stickers, tags, nameplates, or domed decals, are a more durable type of adhesive label that are commonly found on consumer products, vehicles and appliances.

Whether you need a simple dome label solution or full color graphics, DuraTech maintains the best doming process in the industry.

Though doming is not a relatively new product on the market, it definitely is one that is under used. This clear protective polyurethane “dome” enhances any product and makes an impressive visual impact.

In either a selective or full-coverage application, DuraDome creates a 3D image that enhances clarity and color on any product it is used on.


  • Durable and tough – approved for automotive use and outdoor conditions.

  • Will not yellow and stands up to UV exposure.

  • Flexible for those applications that require adherence to slightly curved surfaces.

  • Brand image enhancing

  • Custom dome shapes and sizes

  • Embossable (on sub-surface)

  • Super glossy domes

  • Exterior grade capping

  • Impact resistant