Ebook: How to Successfully Launch In-Mold Decorating  (IMD) in Your Molding Facility

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What is in-mold decorating (IMD)?

In-mold decorating (IMD) can be a valuable way to create aesthetically pleasing plastic parts. In the IMD process, graphics are printed on a film (or label) which is then inserted into a mold cavity. A compatible resin is then injection molded behind or over the decorated appliqué film, permanently embedding it into a molded part. The result is a single highly durable, eye-catching part. IMD products are used across industries for a wide variety of end-use applications.

Why should I start doing IMD?

IMD is a lot more complicated than traditional “shoot and ship” molding, typically requiring longer lead times and higher developmental costs. So, why make the effort? To put it simply, IMD solutions are increasingly in demand and there are few molders with the capabilities to execute IMD projects successfully. By expanding services to include IMD, molders can reap significant financial rewards.