Iberica Press


DuraTech Industries has installed a new Iberica Optima 105 high-speed die cutting press.

Once all personnel are trained on the new press our die cutting rates for parts that fit the criteria for the Iberica can be running at an average rate of 3,500 sheets/hour. This will help with throughput in our die cutting department as the average clamshell press runs at an average rate of 320 sheets/hour.

Technical Specs

  • Maximum sheet size — 29.53” x 41.34”
  • Minimum sheet size — 17.78” x 15.75”
  • Maximum operational pressure — 300 Tons
  • Maximum Speed — 8,500 sheets/hour
  • Material Thickness — .010”*
  • Optical Registration
  • Auto Feed
  • Auto Stack
  • De-slugs cutouts
  • Heated Chase can be used for embossing and creasing
  • Touch screen controls

*This press is capable of cutting a variety of substrates including paper, plastic, board and corrugated materials. We have run .010” thick material on this press to date. We will continue to R&D other material thicknesses to determine best applications for this press.

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