The Customer:

Air Purification Inc.

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Air Purification Inc., is a single-source supplier for industrial air filtration products and services, specializing in custom-designed air filtration solutions and turnkey installation.

Customer Problem:

Air Purification Inc., sells their equipment with their filters included. Their after sales opportunity is selling their replacement filters. Prior to working with DuraTech, they would attach a label to their equipment, which included their name and phone number. The purpose was to notify users to contact them to replace their filters. Air Purification Inc. became aware that their competitors would come in to repair the equipment and peel the Air Purification label off and put their own on, so users would call the competitors for replacement filters instead of Air Purification.

The Solution:

A DuraTech Sales Rep met with a few employees of Air Purification to brain storm a solution. It was decided that they needed to make their replacement label more important, useful, or regulatory. The result was a label that included their Air Purification Inc. logo, a large, functional looking arrow, with the words, “Air Flow” written in it, as well as their phone number, website, and a “Contact Us” for replacement filters message.

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The Outcome:

Air Purification Inc. saw an increase in sales for their replacement filters once the new Air Flow Arrow label was placed on their equipment. Their labels are not being torn off and replaced with competitor labels.

DuraTech specializes in both decorative and functional labels and decals. We customize labels to each of our customer’s requirements and offer an array of color choices and creative options. With our team’s industry knowledge, and continuous development of label design and technology, we will utilize the best and most cost effective printing method and materials, including label constructions that can meet UL and CSA requirements.

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