Identification Label

When an industrial air filtration supplier reported to us that competitors were peeling off their identification labels and replacing them with their own, in order to persuade customers into buying their replacement filters instead, we helped them design a new label. Learn how DuraTech’s durable identification labels helped to increase their replacement filter sales.

Label Kits

When a large equipment manufacturer approached us to produce multiple safety and warning labels for their generators, we proposed a different label manufacturing process that saved them from shutting down operations, a problem they faced often with their previous method of purchasing labels. Learn how our label kits lowered production costs and increased quality.

In-Mold Electronics

When a manufacturer of industrial thermal controllers shared with us the quality issues they were having with their controller’s rubber keypads, including customer return rates, we presented a newer-technology. Learn how replacing their rubber keypads with a slider button, through our IME technology, has proven to be more durable, reliable and cost effective.