When it comes to screen printing labels, DuraTech is a recognized expert in the industrial screen printing industry. The label or overlay that identifies your product is usually the last thing on your list to purchase, but the first thing most consumers see, so its importance is critical to product sales.

Whether you need a four-color process label or a highly customized decorative mechanical finished aluminum nameplate, DuraTech Industries can do it. Our label screen printing and overlay screen printing services are industry leading.

The durability of screen printing labels makes it a good choice for many applications and environments. The image clarity and color richness is significant compared to other forms of printing. Whether you need removable or permanent labels, we can assist.

If you would like to screen print labels, our support staff can help you make the correct choices when it comes to adhesion to specific surfaces, endurance recommendations in situations where there is exposure to chemicals and discuss the options available when deciding tolerance requirements.