Always Comes Through in Time of Need

You are one vendor that always comes through for me in the time of need.

Prompt and Efficient Follow Up

Thanks for your prompt and efficient follow up. YOU are one of the main reasons why I send leads to DuraTech. Obviously, I have many accounts in the Midwest that I could take these leads to but because I trust you, the quality of DT’s work and know that things get handled quickly by you is why I continue to send things your way.

Great Vendor

Thanks for the quick turnaround. You are a great vendor!

Extra Effort!!!

Thank you very much for the extra effort!!!

Exceptional Group of Customer Service People

I want to say that you have an exceptional group of customer service people. I have worked with a number of them. They are responsive, knowledgeable, personable, concerned and always anxious to help. One recent situation called for the involvement of your newly-appointed regional manager. He was here as soon as we needed him, took control of the situation, worked it through and did a thorough follow up. You have a great team and I appreciate it. Thank you.

Quick Service

We really appreciate the quick service DuraTech has provided on this project, especially over the past couple weeks during the holidays.

Such a Reliable, Fast and Friendly Company!

Wow! It’s great to work with such a reliable, fast and friendly company! I can’t wait to see the prototype.

Perfect Example of What an EXCEPTIONAL Supplier Should Be

I know we are a pain but I really do enjoy working with you and appreciate all of the hard work that you and your co-workers have done for us. DuraTech is a supplier that is a perfect example of what an EXCEPTIONAL supplier should be.

Outstanding Job

Thank you for the outstanding job you and your team did for us. The prototype labels looked fabulous, nice registration, and the timing and turn around could not have been better. Having never dealt with you or Dura Tech before I was expecting there to be the usual ramp up period until everyone got used to each other and on the same page, but we seemed to hit it off straight away. I look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks for helping us look good.

Consistent Top Performer

I would like to reiterate that DuraTech Industries is part of my supply base responsibilities and has been a consistent top performer for the Switch Products Division.

Collaborative Effort

Another job well done! This was a huge collaborative effort between development and your teams to get this project off the ground and then up and running. Then there was another huge collaborative effort between your teams and the subcontractor to have the product delivered to us when we truly needed them. Our management teams here recognize the effort and willingness to come through for our company.

Absolutely Wonderful Service

I just wanted to say that the labels you made for us are absolutely gorgeous! I honestly don’t know how you could have improved on this order. You were on the ball….on top of the order and the labels got here as promised. You had absolutely wonderful service.

They look fantastic!

I just received the prototype. They look fantastic! If you can make the production labels look this good also, our client will be very pleased. Be sure to pass along Kudos to your hard-working team.  🙂

Service, Quality of Product, and Cost are all a big part of the reason for us being a happy customer

Making labels is not always understood by designers. Our company is always looking at ways to control cost, and DuraTech has been instrumental in helping to understand the details of making low-cost labels. Giving design seminars to our engineers and providing prompt customer service have been a few ways to make sure we are getting what we are expecting. Having a good understanding of the end-use, working with different base materials and adhesives gives us the flexibility that we need for our requirements. If it’s a high volume application or just a few pieces for a prototype, we can count on DuraTech to come through. These are the types of services that we have come to expect from DuraTech. They set high standards on their deliverables …. Service, Quality of Product, and Cost are all a big part of the reason for us being a happy customer.

Doing Business with DuraTech is a Breeze

You are a great help and make doing business with DuraTech a breeze.

Great in Every Way

Everyone who has seen the graphics to date have said something to the effect that they are great in every way. I thank you for all your hard work and will be getting back to you when the opportunity arises.

Worked Very Efficiently

Your company has worked very efficiently to provide us with our product in a fast time frame.

A Great Job was Done by All Involved

This new product took effort and a constant watchful eye from the beginning to the end and a great job was done by all involved, (from the quoting group, the artwork teams, to the manufacturing line, the subcontractors and the sales team). I appreciated the daily updates from DuraTech’s sales team and the follow-up to ensure that we had product when we needed it.

Thank any and all involved!!!

Big hit they are on the parts and in the customers hands in time for the photo shoot this afternoon!!! Thank any and all involved!!!

They look great

They look great. Thanks for getting them to me so fast.

Can Be Counted On

You are a supplier that can be counted on to be on time and your quality is exceptional. Thank you!

Great Service

Great service and timely delivery. Worked with us on problem order to our satisfaction.

Really Good to Work With

They are really good to work with. And if we have a problem, they get it solved really fast.

Highly Reliable

DuraTech has been a highly reliable and responsive vendor for many years.

Very Good Inventory Programs

Excellent customer service & very good at managing inventory programs.

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service; quick responses; QC always responds to any concerns; great job managing inventory programs.

Great Business Relationship

Since we started doing business with DuraTech we have always had a great business relationship together from the outside sales rep to the inside sales personnel we have dealt with year after year.

Extremely Helpful

I have enjoyed working with the people at DuraTech. All customer service reps have been extremely helpful and polite, very easy to work.

Great Supplier

DuraTech has been a great supplier. Customer service is very good. 
Delivery performance is outstanding.

Great Service

Great Service and Support.

Excellent Service

Nothing but excellent service from my counterparts at DuraTech.

Professional, Courteous and Helpful

Have always had a great experience with the contacts I have worked with at DuraTech. They have always been professional, courteous and helpful.


Conscientious with good service.

Great Customer Service

DuraTech does a good job for us – great customer service!

Recommended DuraTech

I have on numerous occasions recommended DuraTech as a supplier. Amazing service and support! Kudos to our customer service rep day in and day out as well as the manufacturing folks for always coming through for us in critical times!!

Love Working with DuraTech

I LOVE working with everyone at DuraTech. I have NO complaints what so ever. Even when there’s a change with customer service contacts, there’s no glitches. Everything runs smoothly.

My Favorite Vendor

DuraTech is one of my favorite vendors. Very easy to work with and everyone is very competent in their jobs. I was suppose to give this vendor to another buyer to handle 
and I refused to let her have DuraTech!!!

Very Friendly Staff

Very friendly staff to work with. Helped us get thru a very tight scheduling situation.

On Time Shipments

On time shipments, we also feel well informed due to timely confirmations or plenty notice for late shipments, which are acceptable given the advance status.

Knowledgeable Sales Staff

Knowledgeable sales staff is a strong asset for DuraTech.

Top Quality Product

DuraTech informs us when product is to be shipped and works with us for the most cost effective means of producing product and has always provided Top Quality Product.

Exceeded All Expectations

All experiences so far in dealing with our sales rep at DuraTech have exceeded all expectations. Great JOB!!!

Good Product

Good product and good customer service.

World Class Quality

2011 Q2 PPM is ZERO!!!!! Now, that’s world class quality! Great job team! You all are awesome!

Willing to Go the Extra Mile

Working with Dura Tech has always been a positive experience. The staff has always been helpful and willing to go the extra mile to help, product quality, excellent.

Highly Professional

Your technical people are highly professional and have been beyond helpful.

Enjoy Working with Sales Rep

I thoroughly enjoy working with our sales rep and customer service team – they are extremely helpful and always take care of my requests immediately.

Wonderful Customer Service and Sales

I think the Customer Service and Sales team at DuraTech are wonderful. They are helpful and know their products and processes.

Great Customer Service

I get great customer service via e-mail and phone.

Top Notch

Customer service is top notch.

On-Time Delivery

Good customer service and on-time delivery.

Product is Quality

Good service, product is quality.

Fantastic Support

I receive fantastic support from the whole customer service team.

Easy to Work With

You guys are so easy to work with and your pricing is fair!

Fast Service

Has done a good job quoting and fast service.

Very Good Communication

Very good communication and response from customer service.

Excellent Job

You guys do an excellent Job!


Very good supplier, responsive.

Always on Time

Our customer service rep is very responsive, warm and always a pleasure to deal with. DuraTech is always on time.